A Digital Anthology of Sport by SAMSON Magazine


Θ EDITOR ~ Eli Ankutse | @EliAnkutse
Θ DEPUTY ~ Anthony Elliott | @Ant_Eliott_
Θ FASHION ~ John Jarrett | @_JohnJarrett
Θ ART DIRECTION ~ Nas Abraham | @Nas_Abraham




A play on the Smithsonian – the world’s largest museum - the SAMSONIAN is a digital companion to SAMSON Magazine; a print publication focused on the journey of sport. Much like the Smithsonian, the SAMSONIAN is created "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge," but albeit with the focus on a sporting hue.

Sporting brands, releases and endeavors will be interpreted in our own distinctive style of curation, identifying new angles to showcase brand stories. From this day ad infinitum, brands, sportsmen and their deeds will be committed to digital folklore in our SAMSONIAN.


At the SAMSONIAN, we welcome all sporting brands to reach out; small, large, established, new, sportsmen and sportswomen. All content we curate is bespoke to us we do not run press imagery, so please bear that in mind when reaching out. We work with you/your brand to create a feature that will not only shine on the SAMSONIAN, but resonate through the digital sphere. You can also email us ~

Θ EMAIL ~ contact@thesamsonian.com

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