There is something about the connection between man and the open air that is simply empowering. It is this freedom to roam the expanding landscape that gives us a sense fulfillment and a connection with the environment around us. This connection is something encapsulated with Dunhill’s visual interpretation of the Rally Nippon.


A mixture of nature and tradition the rally features autumnal foliage and ancient shrines throughout, while eventually leading towards Kyoto’s historic Kamigamo Shrine. Before this though, the adventure follows a route through Ehime, Kochi, and Awaji island, while incorporating many UNESCO Heritage sites en route. The flawlessness of the journey is encapsulated by the differing backdrop that these cities portray. Not one environment is the same, as cluttered heavens pave way to clean open road, these nuances are incidental beauties and moments that epitomise the feeling of escape.


While the journey is expansive it is the purity of discovering Japan in a range classic cars that helps elevate the experience. It is most notably a nod to the purist, as you become attune to the road without the 'distraction' of modern automobiles. 


This synergy of old and new ensures this experience is one of discovery as much as everything else. The Rally Nippon encompasses the balance and desire to be free - a feeling that is hard to come by in today’s pervasively innovative society.




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Deputy Editor | SAMSON