TERRAIN: NikeLab Gyakusou

TERRAIN: NikeLab Gyakusou

As you run, look around and you see the terrain transform before you eyes, seemingly fluid as you meander on your path. The destination itself in not a place, but a time; not a location, but a distance. 

Running itself is… a pass-time, a way of life, a journey, an escape, a hobby, a career – all these things and more. But for the purpose of this collection, let us return to the aspect that provides both the surface and scenery for this ‘metronomic’ act. 


This season, we decided to focus on terrain for Nike’s Gyakusou Holiday 2015 collection; the terrain of the fabric. Much is talked about the overall composition of Jun Takahashi’s latest collaboration with Nike, but look closely and you see the intricacies that relate the collection closer to the art of running than it first appears.

Look at the collection through our photographic lens you can see that the fabric reflects the very terrain itself that it enables you to run. Look at the contours of the NikeLab Gyakusou Aeroloft Vest more closely and you see a valley, with a dusty mud road leading through. Whereas the long and short sleeve t-shirts reflect the undulating hills, captured at different times in the year.


Gaze sideways and you see the world pass you by - almost as if you’re smearing an oil canvas with your fingertips as you run.



NikeLab Gyakusou Shield Runner Pant with its geometric patterns give you a sense of modernity as if running run through the urban landscape with its formulaic repetition.

Informed by data from the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab and inspired by insights from Takahashi’s GIRA (Gyakusou International Running Association) crew, the collection is designed to layer. Together, the pieces not only provide weather protection, they also articulate the modern uniform of running.

The soft, calculated nuances of the fabric roll over your skin as you run, extracting sweat and heat away from the body, whilst comforting the skin as you set into a steady pace. 


So you see much like the art of running itself, there is more to NikeLab x Gyakusou than meets the eye.


Θ  To find out more about the NikeLab Gyakusou visit ~ nike.com/nikelab

Θ  Photography ~ ELI ANKUTSE