Running has become a part of today’s culture to such an extent that it has essentially birthed a multi-tiered community of its own. Running in it’s various forms – and for varying reasons – has captured the imagination of people from diverse backgrounds, of all ages and sporting abilities.  Our title ‘Where are you going?’ not only refers to its literal meaning; it has duality, inferring to the effect the discipline of running – and its culture - can have on life direction on the whole.


"The good thing about running in a group or an urban crew is that you get the full package. Training, inspiration, friends, role models, lifestyle. I've seen plenty of new runners changing their life in a really positive way after joining"



Our parent title JOSHUA’s Magazine approached different running communities based around the globe and spoke to their lead figures about the culture of running and how they see it progressing in the future. 


"Everybody was quite surprised, because they only see us at the clubs getting drunk and wasted and people didn’t know we actually do sports and work out... But they picked it up positively. Now we have a lot a people from the “nightlife” actually sporting and running."



"Our Crew is always changing because it's in NYC and there is a lot going on. The beauty is you can disappear and come back like you never left.  We choose our routes minutes before the run depending on the group and what guests are in town, we wait for the last runner after every bridge, we do pull ups and sprint stairs when ever we get the chance to. We use NYC as our gym."



"I run because it enables me to reboot my mind. I can reflect on myself while I’m running."



"I love the feeling of getting from A to B under my own steam without assistance from any other equipment other than my feet, lungs and a strong mind. Just knowing that running through my community may inspire someone to get off the sofa and join me on the road is motivation enough. We always say at Run Dem that we are trying to inspire people with our footsteps."

"Running is the only time in my life when I leave my house without a phone, for the time I am on the road there is no way to contact me. It's my time and a moment to put the world to rights without the interruption of emails, social media and phone conversations. I generally think of some of my best creative ideas when out clocking up the miles." 

~ Charlie Dark, RUN DEM CREW UK


Jamie wears:

Fleece crew neck, 2 in 1 short, tech tights and flyknit lunar 2 ~ NIKE
Half zip sweater, 2 in 1 short, tech tights (as seen before) and free Flyknit ~ NIKE

Venetia wears:

Jacket and pullover hoody ~ NIKE
Flyknit Airmax ~ NIKE

Θ Editorial Photography by Ollie Adegboye
Θ Styling by Anthony Elliott
Θ Models ~ Jamie & Venetia from Run Dem Crew
Θ Stylist’s assistant ~ Phoebe Romanovski

Feature originally published in JOSHUA's Magazine Issue TWO

Special thanks to Charlie Dark and Run Dem Crew

Deputy Editor | SAMSON