Devotional Uniform & Habits Part II

Maharishi displayed its usual sense of urban exuberance with its latest collection entitled ‘Devotional Uniform & Habits: Part II’. Shown at London Collections: Men, the ensembles demonstrated the brands devotion to the uniform by exploring characteristics that were shared among sub cultures with similar beliefs.


Looks shared a formulaic pattern and used apalette of olive, burgundy and navy across the show. Bullet proof style vest were layered over long sleeved jerseys and were contrasted alongside a number of camouflage suits. 






Although extremely wearable the silhouette's took a slightly relaxed tone - emphasising the brands connections with spiritualism. Taken from the attire of Buddhist monks and the blanket of Indian Sadhus’s this gave the show a sightly more nonchalant feeling as it powered through the tribal soundtack.


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Θ  Photography ~ LILLIE EIGER

Deputy Editor | SAMSON