There’s something special about shooting with a Leica - and it’s not just the fact it’s a Leica. Some brands use their history as a basis to produce sub-par and sell above-par, but with Leica there is something different. If you’re the kind to compare tech for tech and pixel for pixel, then you won’t understand what truly makes a Leica special. 

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.”

- Yousuf Karsh

Even in transitioning from their famed analogue cameras to their digital cameras, the Leica M range still preserve the analogue essence of their predecessors – reflected both in the hardware and the resulting imagery. That’s why when Leica say they’ve made a camera that can handle extreme elements, you sit up and take note. A member of the Leica X range of cameras this new Leica X-U, promises outstanding picture quality in the harshest conditions.   


The Leica X-U's body was developed in partnership with AUDI Design


Now you can enjoy Leica’s lauded performance underwater at depths of up to 15 metres, and as it’s shock-resistant, dust-sealed and shatterproof, it’s perfect for extreme sports and outdoor expeditions. It also offers full HD video, should the moving format of imagery be more to your liking.


In summary, this is a camera that will take you from one extreme to another, and truly capture the essence of that journey in Leica’s signature style. Win, win. 


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Pictured above the Leica X-U (£2,400) available online or in-store at or any authorised Leica dealer.