The story of Boa® is one born out of necessity. A need to simply make things better - as all good inventions are. Surfer Gary Hammerslag discovered a fault with traditional laces while snowboarding due to the inconsistency and unreliable nature they offered at high velocity. His solution? To create a product that offered support but also allowed ordinary and elite athletes to perform at the best of their ability. Leading to the first lacing system that did not come undone during physical activity.  This is when the Boa closure system was born.

Ever the innovators Adidas have chosen this technology to enhance their latest golfing shoe, culminating in the curation of the TOUR360 BOA BOOST. In development for 18 months the shoe is the outcome of a collaborative process between the two brands. “The partnership with Boa® is exciting because we push each other to the limits to find new and innovative ways to incorporate Boa® technology into Adidas Golf footwear says Masun Denison, director of Footwear at Adidas Golf. He goes on:


“The ultimate goal is to take performance to the next level.”

The tools to help achieve this are the Boa® 360LOOP and 360WRAP. These additions are at the forefront of the shoe’s functionality, enabling a micro adjustable and natural fit that still allows competitive movement.

In detail, both elements of the Boa® system work seamlessly together. The dial at the front is the focal point, acting as a hub for the stainless steal lace that locks in the foot; in turn offering an abundant level of adjustments. This subsequently is connected by the 360LOOP, which extends from the shoe with the closure of a glove.

The outcome is a one of a kind golfing shoe that is as much a step forward in product design as it is sporting evolution.

More information available at | @Adidasgolf

Deputy Editor | SAMSON